Smart Garage Doors

This prototype device turns *any* garage door opener into a smart home device. It is configured using a captive portal to join the local Wi-Fi, and is automatically added to Apple's It is controllable remotely, using the Home app or Siri, on any Apple hardware.

It uses an ESP-32 microcontroller, a relay, and a magnetic reed switch to detect the state of the door. This way, even if the manual switch, keypad, or car fobs are used, the device keeps track of the door's state.

IoT Keychains

3D modelling for manufacturing is a component of our project work in Norse IoT. We're building devices that need custom cases!

As a member of the Norse IoT club, you are provided with a keychain designed and manufactured by the club. This project went from prototype to finished design in 2023, with plans to expand to more detailed designs in 2024.

Humidity Project

Griffin Hall flooded over the 2022 Christmas break, causing widespread damage. Flooding situations require attention to both temperature and humidity to reduce the likelihood of dangerous mold growth.

Club Advisor Chris Brewer and members of n-IoT quickly built and installed temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the affected areas. Data from the IoT sensors was displayed on a dashboard showing current and historical readings. The project recieved attention from the Dean of the College of Informatics, as well as NKU maintenance, and was spotlighted by the Northerner in February 2023.

The dashboard was repurposed as a teaching platform after the flood was resolved, and has been used in multiple seminars with high school students around the greater Cincinnati region.

A prototype of the Humidity Sensor used in Grifin Hall.

Website Workshops

Norse IoT is all about knowledge sharing. So the club focused on training NKU students on hosting personal websites using NKU's webservers.

In 2022, the club hosted an Website Workshop event that taught students basic HTML and CSS and provided templates for students to build off and host on an NKU provided personal website.

Flyer advertising the Website Workshop event.
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